Selling / Servicing CNC Saws, Machining Centers, Thermal Break lines


Located in Toronto, Canada, E.J. Machine Sales & Service Inc is an official Canadian dealer for some of the top machinery manufacturers including Emmegi, Muller and TigerStop. We serve as your local liaison when purchasing machinery or parts from our highly ranked suppliers within Canada and the United States.


E.J. Machine Sales & Service Sells new and used Machining Centers as well as supplies Replacement Parts straight from the manufacturer including repairs and warranty parts. We also offer Service calls for Installations and Maintenance Service Calls for machine repairs as well as preventative measures within Canada and the United States.


For more information regarding complete product lines and parts offered by our highly esteemed suppliers, click on the links below.

For over 40 years Emmegi has been a leading global company in the design, production and trade of systems for machining profiles in aluminum, light alloy, PVC and steel. Some top Emmegi models include the Satellite XT, a 5-axis CNC machining center with moving gantry structure designed for milling, drilling and cutting large workpieces of non-ferrous metal and steel, as well as the Comet T4 I machining center with 4 controlled axis. Other popular models include the Phantomatic T3 Star machining center with 3 controlled axis, and the Precision twin head cutting-off machine.

Muller TB Technologies LLC has been manufacturing thermal break assembly machines for the window, door and curtain wall industry for over 30 years and has become a market leader in this sector. Based out of Switzerland, Muller Technologies continues to produce equipment to insulate Aluminum Profiles (Thermal Break Profiles) including Knurling, Assembly, Rolling (Crimping), and Shear Testing machines. Muller also manufactures machinery to apply Protective Film/Tape to anodized, painted, and PVC extrusions.

TigerStop offers a line-up of easy to use and affordable add-on products in order to optimize and improve the accuracy of all linear processes. TigerStop’s wide range of automated stop/gauge and pusher systems are designed to integrate with existing equipment allowing for turn-key material processing and positioning solutions.